Health Protection and EFLA Engineering are in close cooperation in all aspects of health and occupational health and safety, and we can ensure complete solutions in this area for the companies that are looking for it.


What defines a company with a strong internal job:

  • A written safety and health / risk assessment plan is in place and prepared systematically.
  • A security committee, a security guard and a security officer are present
  • Occupational accidents, mishaps and hazards are recorded, identified and utilized for prevention
  • Employees receive appropriate training and instructions, registration training is provided
  • Guidelines and procedures are in place for the use of hazardous materials and equipment
  • Machinery and equipment are regularly inspected
  • Regular tours of the company and security aspects reviewed
  • Work environment considerations are taken into account when designing and planning
  • External parties are informed of the company's requirements regarding working conditions and health protection
  • The Executive Committee member is a member of the Security Committee
  • The company provides outside assistance in occupational safety and health work as needed
  • The company has a clear working environment policy

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