Since 1987, the Health Service has operated a call center where nurses supervise the registration of sick leave and provide employees with corporate advice in the event of illness.

The aim of the service is to promote the health and well-being of employees and to give companies an overview of the sickness patterns of the workplace so that they can possibly respond to health-damaging conditions. Allegiance replaces traditional medical certificates and traditional confidential medical systems, but employees generally go to their family physician for treatment.

Employees always have access to the Health Protection Personnel for advice during telephone hours, even if there is no absence of illness.

Service categories:

  • Remote sensing: Nurses' telephone hours at. 8: 30-15: 30 every weekday.
  • Outside of business hours, shift workers can report illness around the clock through voicemail.
  • Registration of absenteeism completed after a nurse's call to the employee the next business day
  • Advice to staff in sickness.
  • Advice to health and health care workers to the employee and his / her family on any health related inquiries.
  • Employee access to a nurse in a medical facility.
  • Access to the confidentiality of staff matters is required.
  • Health pistols regularly send out to the company / employees with encouragement and education on various health, occupational safety and security issues.
  • Statement / certificate of confirmed absenteeism of employees - summary reports sent in connection with pay period and / or as required, taken into account for payment of sick days.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the absence of company employees. Detailed reports with statistical information extracted from the Health Protection Database.
  • Regular meetings with managers.

Opening hours for nurses' health counseling and sick leave registries are available every weekday from 11am. 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Offices are located in Reykjavik and Akureyri.

For more information contact 510-6500 or