Health protection has for many years held lectures and courses on the various health and work-related issues.

Lectures and seminars are offered to organizers and groups who are particularly well-suited to offer limited meetings, lunches or other related educational activities within companies such as health week, educational days, conferences and the like.

We want to meet the needs of our customers. Various dates can be selected according to the needs of each individual.

Examples of lectures offered each time:

  • Happiness true
  • Men's health and cancer
  • Women's health and cancer
  • Worship and joy of life
  • The leader's secret weapon
  • The law of quality of life - Balance in life, play and work
  • People are fun and "not-so fun"
  • Nutrition and common sense
  • Nutrition, wellness and quality of life
  • Calm in a turbulent sea - Make yourself feel good
  • Job satisfaction, communication and collaboration
  • Stress School - Stress and Prevention
  • Management and communication in the era of Covid-19
  • A journey to well-being and success

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