Health Protection offers all services related to drug and drug testing.

Why drug and drug testing?

Drug and drug testing can be an important part of ensuring the safety and health of workers in the workplace and the public.

If an employee is under the influence of intoxicants, he may unknowingly threaten the safety and health of his colleagues, customers and the public, as well as harm his own health.

Supervision of drug use by employees is particularly important in sectors where public interest requires that employees be universal, such as law enforcement, transport, practical construction, chemical industry and health care.
The collection and processing of biological samples is in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Conduct of drug and drug testing

Drug and drug tests pass Healthcare ehf. Urðarhvarf 14, 203 Kópavogur or within a company, good facilities are available for implementation. An employee shall sign the approval for the examination. A confirmation is issued stating whether an employee has passed the exam.

Drug and drug tests are, for example, linked to:

  1. recruitment
  2. Random sample
  3. In case of an accident or an accident at work
  4. When suspicions arise

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