Heilsuvernd býður starfsmönnum fyrirtækja sem eru í þjónustu hjá Heilsuvernd upp á rafræna skráningu fjarveru og læknisvottorð til atvinnurekanda vegna fjarvista.

The registration is done through an electronic portal on the web my.hv.is where the person signs in with electronic ID for identification.

Simple and convenient

  • The registration includes name, social security number, telephone, email address and place of work, as well as the department.
  • The employee records periods of illness and cause.
  • With the registration, the employee agrees that the Health Protection may send a notification and / or certificate to the employer of his absence.
  • Nurses in the Health Services Service Center will review the registration and contact the employee in question if further information is needed or confirmed.

When you go to the site my.hv.is on mobile, you can request that the phone store the URL as an app. Thus, an employee opens an icon on the screen of his mobile phone called Health Protection and thus helps him find the path and re-register absence. Note only this operation can be performed initially.


Registration and notification to the employer

  • Health protection sends the employer daily information on the absence certificates that employees register.
  • Payment is made for each individual issued certificate by the employer or, as the case may be, as requested.
  • The price for each certificate to the employer for absence is according to the health care tariff

Simple - convenient and safe

… Because every day is precious!