Confidential medical services and counseling regarding sickness and absenteeism of employees, health protection and rehabilitation have been part of Heilsuvernd the health care service offering since 1987.

Access to a confidential physician is available at the Health Protection Medical Center, every weekday at. 8: 30-16: 00


  • Provides corporate and institutional custodians with advice on medical matters in their operations.
  • Provides advice regarding absenteeism of employees in sickness and accident cases, including regarding medical certificates.
  • Conducts job performance assessment at management's request due to employee return to work or due to illness or accident.
  • Provides employees, in special cases and in consultation with a company contact, advice on their own health problems and guidance on where to turn for further analysis and treatment within the health care system.
  • Protects employees' interests regarding anything that could damage their health at work. The Confidential Doctor works on the analysis and remedies of such problems in collaboration with staff management and corporate executives.

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