Welfare services The Health Service offers its service recipients assistance and advice in most of the areas related to the welfare of individuals.

Misery and personal difficulties of various kinds can have serious consequences for the working ability of ambitious and efficient people. The Welfare Services can in many cases accelerate the resolution of more difficult problems and prevent the absence from work with the help of specialized professionals. The welfare service makes it easier for individuals and companies to access a large group of professionals in one place.

The Health Welfare Service offers first aid and expert advice, where our experts and selected partners commit to respond within 24 hours in case of an emergency, but otherwise within four business days. Healthcare professionals provide advice and assistance as needed, with experience, professionalism and full confidence.

We offer counseling in all areas of welfare, but the scope and focus of the Welfare Service is tailored to the needs of each individual.


  • psychological counseling
  • Trauma help
  • Support for problems such as redundancies, retirement and change processes
  • Stress and emotion management
  • Support for victims and victims of bullying
  • The stress school - stress and prevention
  • Counseling for alcohol and drug problems
  • Marriage, parenting and family counseling
  • financial advice
  • Legal advice
  • Counseling of social workers
  • Nurse's advice
  • Nutrition advice
  • Health check-up and lifestyle advice
  • Coaching

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