Health protection is a recognized comprehensive service provider in the field of health and occupational safety at the State Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


We promote the increased health of individuals, quality and safety of workplaces by establishing organized internal health and safety work at clients and promoting knowledge and new thinking by managers and employees about health and occupational health and safety issues.

The goal of occupational safety and health work is to make every employee feel comfortable at work and to always leave everyone home from work.

What is the purpose of organized safety and occupational safety work?

  • Good security management involves an organized approach to daily work - productivity increases as a result
  • Comply with laws, regulations and requirements
  • Hazards at work and safe working methods are defined
  • Improvements are analyzed and put into process
  • Fulfilled are moral and societal obligations related to caring for employees
  • Employees themselves can influence their own safety and acquire a stake in the organization
  • A happy and confident employee is a good employee

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