21. NÓVEMBER 2019, KL 8:00 – 11:45 Á GRAND HÓTEL

Generation management in line with the 4th industrial revolution

Challenges in times of complexity

Health Protection and Hagvangur

The conference will address human resource managers, organizational leaders, and those who want to improve their performance and competence as a manager.

The nature of the labor market is to undergo major changes that can be traced to the fourth industrial revolution and the generations that operate in the labor market today. The fact that never before have so many generations been employed at the same time in the labor market, rapid technological change and automation, presents challenging challenges for most companies and managers.

How do we meet the different expectations and needs of generations for work - and how do we also build a powerful and unified team that creates success? Is there a need for changed governance?

Each one of us is important, but at the same time we are important as a whole. Therefore, the best teams are often the ones based on the strengths of all generations in the workplace. We need each other. The wisdom, experience and skills of the older generations, combined with the sharpness, insight and entrepreneurial vision of the younger generations, could be the key to success.

What are the characteristics of the generations, what are their strengths, emphases and needs, how do we work together and how does this knowledge help us to maintain employability and competitiveness during the time of the fourth industrial revolution?

The conference sought to answer these questions and explain how the different generations' emphasis can be utilized in a positive way.

With open mind and foresight, the opportunities are endless!


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Conference statement and opening address

The conference, Hulda Bjarnadóttir, International Human Resources at Marel


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The Fourth Industrial Revolution - The Future of Jobs

Faster technological advancements in the world of information technology and job development.

Ægir Már Þórisson, CEO Advania


The Labor Market and Generations (view slides)

50+ Campaign VR, play a video

50+ Campaign VR, play a video

Apprenticeship and skills assessment, play a video

Ragnar Thor Ingolfsson, Chairman VR 


Learn from the older generations and understand and use the ideas of new generations, for greater success and satisfaction. It was long overdue to shake things up! (view slides)

For years, Deloitte has conducted an annual international study of ideas and visions of different generations in the labor market. In the paper, we will look into the results of the latest research and thus improve our understanding of the different ideas and visions of the generations, various factors that inspire and encourage pleasure, both in private life and work. In this sense, we can increase the success and satisfaction of both staff, managers and workplaces.

Herdís Pála Pálsdóttir, Director of Operations Deloitte




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Human Health, Challenges and Gender Comparison  (view slides)

Teitur Guðmundsson, physician and managing director health


Continuous education, training and training of employees in line with different human resources and needs (view slides)

Andrés Guðmundsson, human resources manager KPMG


How do service leaders benefit successful businesses, and why is this philosophy suitable for younger generations?

(view slides)

We will discuss how younger generations in the labor market call for a change of emphasis in corporate leadership and demonstrate how Servant leadership suits those generations. Emphasis will be placed on the leadership of successful companies.

Sigurbjörg R. Helmarsdóttir, MS, teacher at Bifröst University


Does age matter in hiring?

The variable age will be discussed in the recruitment. Are there prejudices or is it a myth? How do companies attract people of different ages?

Geirlaug Jóhannsdóttir and Gyða Kristjánsdóttir, consultants at Hagvangi


Summary and conference wear

The conference, Hulda Bjarnadóttir, International Human Resources at Marel

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