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Perseverance is a challenge - don't burn out in life!

We stop and prioritize health



The conference is addressed to all those involved in human resources, management and employees of organizational units.

Persistence against stress is a challenge for everyone. What can managers and workplaces do to prevent burnout? What can we do for ourselves?
The fact is that everyone can get lost!

More common is that we hear stories from colleagues or someone who has run out of business - landed on "job coolness", "breaks down" or "burns out". In addition, there is even more talk about Vital Exhaustion - a long-lasting condition, such as a cold at work, which causes people to become really depleted in life itself!

It is important to open the debate further on this issue because more often than not, people do not seek help until the body says "stop" and give up. There are examples of people collapsing "paralyzed" - completely depleted of the soul and body.

The conference will discuss work and private stress, measurement and other facts, symptoms and consequences of long-term stress, along with its worst manifestation of "life stress". There will be a special focus on prevention and rescue - tools and methods for resolving stress.

The goal is to prevent health problems and increase work and personal well-being.

This is our common challenge!

Conference program

Reception and registration of guests

Conference Sentence: Conference Manager, Jóna Jónsdóttir, Nordic Personnel Manager

opening address
Anna Lilja Benidiktsdóttir, Genis Quality Assurance Specialist
Chairman of the Quality Management Society of the Nordic Region

Keeping the right temperature
How can we balance work and personal life? Vocational Rehabilitation and Prevention Project ACT - What can we do to avoid burnout?
Ingibjörg Loftsdóttir, Head of Division

Health promotion, prevention and occupational safety at work
Health effects of working hours on body and soul, stress and stress-related illness.
Teitur Guðmundsson, physician and managing director

Energy pepperoni

Everyone can get lost!
How our life journey can lead to depletion. (Life) depletion can be deadly serious. Symptoms and relationship of life stress and physical illness, prevention and rehabilitation.
Dr. Eygló Guðmundsdóttir, psychologist and Phd. in health sciences

lunch buffet (Lunch is included in ticket prices)

Sunny or windy sections?
Stress management and prevention in the workplace
Harmful and preventive prevention will be discussed at SAk as part of building a health-promoting workplace.
Dagbjört Brynja Harðardóttir Tveiten, human resources consultant in human health protection

Stressful factors in the working environment
Stressful aspects of the work environment will be discussed and what can be done to mitigate their negative effects on the health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace.
Dr. Hjördís Sigursteinsdóttir, Associate Professor at the University of Akureyri's Business Department

Coffee and sweet bits

Overcoming stress, leading to solutions
Will the differences between stress, cooling and pathological stress be discussed? How do we identify stress and what methods do we have for preventing and resolving it? Where is the responsibility of the employees and how to increase their performance without increasing the stress. "Daytime rest in the workplace" and recognized methods that help people maintain equal energy throughout the day.
Helga Hrönn Óladóttir, district manager
The stress school and the stress clinic in the North

Well-being at work and personal life - methods to increase well-being
There has been a lot of awareness in the community lately about the importance of job well-being and its impact on people's health, happiness and performance. Increased happiness can reduce the likelihood of cooling down and the social cost of cooling down staff is high.
Ingibjörg Guðlaug Jónsdóttir, consultant
Attentus in the North

the conference: Conference Manager, Jóna Jónsdóttir, Nordic Personnel Manager