Prevention looks at all the psychosocial aspects of the individual and then privacy is not excluded. Streituskólinn's specialized counselors offer individual, couple and family counseling and treatment.

  • Individual counseling
  • Psychiatry
  • Green rehabilitation
  • Guidance
  • Health Coaching and Coaching (Life Coaching)
  • Couples and family counseling and treatment
  • Stress counseling
  • Team training for families, friends and other groups
  • TRM (Trauma Reciliency Model) and Brainspotting Therapy


The first interview

In the first interview, the initial diagnosis of the problem takes place and the first plan for solutions and treatment is made if necessary. It starts with analyzing stressors and then responding to them. The health and lifestyle and position of each individual in life are assessed. First advice and plan are given.


Personal Interview

In individual interviews, stress counselors provide advice on stress and educate about its effects on communication, well-being and health. The interviews cover stressors, whether they are at work or at home or elsewhere. The counseling can be done by a coach, family and social worker, psychologist or doctor.



In such interviews, counselors with health education and experience in tutoring provide more specialized advice on specific workloads and complex tasks that require in-depth counseling and follow-up.


Group therapy

Group therapy is available that includes support for specific groups who are either working on joint projects or dealing with similar problems such as stress at work, anxiety or communication problems.


Family counseling and treatment

Families and couples can seek specialized family therapy and counseling on, for example, communication problems, strengthening relationships, work-life balance and other issues related to family life.


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