Prevention education

Streituskólinn's specialists offer various types of education and courses for individuals and groups, as well as more specialized courses and education for workplaces.

Education and courses that are available at any given time for individuals and groups are advertised in Heilsuvern's online store

For companies and other organizations

There are also lectures, seminars, workshops tailored to the needs of companies and the organizational units of institutions, municipalities and municipalities. They are particularly suitable for offering specific meetings, lunches or events related to other educational activities within the workplace, such as health week, educational days, conferences and the like.

Examples of lectures and courses available at any given time:

  • Stress, burnout and pathological stress
  • Prevention plans and organized occupational safety
  • Absence of illness and absence of illness
  • Company prevention
  • Job satisfaction, communication and collaboration
  • Calm in a turbulent sea - Make yourself feel good
  • The law of quality of life - Balance in life, play and work
  • The leader's secret weapon
  • Long live the first model
  • Improved lifestyle - away with stress - better health
  • Stress management
  • When told

In the Health Protection online store, you can see more courses and lectures that are offered at any given time by Streituskólinn's specialists.

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