Aldís Arna Tryggvadóttir

PCC vottaður markþjálfi, dáleiðari, streituráðgjafi og umdæmisstjóri Streituskólans á Vesturlandi

"Cultivation is the issue" is Aldís Arna's vision of life. She is passionate about people and the potential for people to grow as individuals - to feel better and better in any area of life.

Aldís Arna works as a lecturer, stress counselor and coach of individuals and teams. The educational mission focuses on goal setting in life, play and work, health (holistic health), balance (stress prevention), happiness and harmony. She holds regular courses in empowerment and stress prevention, writes stress councils and articles in the health media's news media, in addition to which she is responsible for "Rewarding corridors" and the workplace movement "Magnificent mornings".

Aldís Arna has received quality certification from coaches International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest independent association of coaches in the world - "The Golden Standard in Coaching”. She has also completed a degree in business administration and securities trading Reykjavík University, a degree in practical French for business from University of Iceland and teacher qualifications in health promotion and fitness from Fusion Fitness Academy og dáleiðslu.

Aldís Arna has diverse experience from the business world in the fields of management, coaching, strategy, human resource management, international relations and finance. She is also the founder and CEO of the health-related travel agency ColdSpot ( which is in collaboration with Heilsuvernd regarding green rehabilitation, training days, workshops, management leadership training, staff team training, company strategy as well as team building, staffing & incentive trips. Aldís Arna is the district manager The Stress School in the West and a volunteer in a response team The Red Cross in the West.


Services for individuals

  • Individualized stress counseling
  • Health and lifestyle coaching
  • Coaching
  • Team training for families, couples, friends and other groups
  • Green Rehabilitation (with ColdSpot)
  • "Rewarding walks - fun together"


Business services

  • Leadership training and empowerment
  • Team building, staff and incentive trips
  • Policy-making & drafting of communication and co-operation agreements
  • Team Coaching
  • workshops


Lectures, education and workshops

The law of quality of life - Balance in life, play & work
Stress & stress prevention - Becoming your own "Minister of Health"

You are fun and awkward
Communication, co-operation & job satisfaction - Becoming your own "Minister of Social Affairs"

Calm down in a turbulent sea - make yourself feel good.
Trauma education & resources - Becoming your own "Minister of Energy"

The leader's secret weapon - leadership training
Coaching as a Management Tool - Becoming a Professional & Successful "President"

A journey to well-being and success
Empowerment & Goal Setting - Becoming Your Own "Prime Minister"

Awe & Joy of Life - Light the spark of life
To live for pleasure and become one's own "Minister of Gleðimál"

Magic or distraction - the mastery of technology
Tæknistreita - Becoming his own "Minister of Technology"

I am me!
Self-discipline - Becoming your "own dictator"

From rubbish to the queen
"Doctoral degree" in morbid stress (based on experience) and the way back to recovery



My life - my way
Health coaching: Comprehensive health promotion (physical, mental and social health)

Empowerment & well-being - self-cultivation & victory
Self-empowerment course

Orku-, vellíðunar- og streitustjórnun
Self-empowerment course

Calm down in a turbulent sea - make yourself feel good
Energy and Stress Management: Going Ahead - "Somehow"

Stress, co-occurrence & stress prevention
Individual stress prevention - which way is suitable for me to achieve balance in play and work?

Group work against stress
Motivation - team spirit - vision

Retirement and next steps
To maintain one's dignity and prosper in spite of job loss



Coaching is a popular and respected methodology that is useful both for work, in effective communication and in goal setting of all kinds.

The purpose of coaching is for individuals to experience richer purpose, happiness in life, victory and harmony. Coaching is a forum for wisdom, respect & trust and aims for the coach to support the goal seeker in taking full responsibility and control over their own life and well-being with self-care as a guiding principle.

Coaching is rooted in reputable disciplines, including positive psychology, leadership, policy, sports science, cognitive behavioral therapy (HAM), psychiatry, psychotherapy, existential psychology, pedagogy and NLP.

Coaching is for anyone who has ambitions to get more out of life and flourish - those who, with the support of coaches, want to harness their inner wisdom & strength to turn a dream into reality in any area of life, for example regarding health promotion (health coaching) ), communication, studies & jobs, work-life balance, increased joy of life and increased quality of life.

The subject of coaching mainly revolves around seeking answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I (really)?
  • What do I want (really)?
  • Why do I want this?
  • How do I define success? What is success for me?
  • How do I achieve my goals in a constructive, effective and fun way?
  • What is my purpose in life, play and work? What did I come to learn and what am I going to leave behind?


Team training

Team coaching has proven to be an extremely effective way for any team to improve the well-being, communication and performance of people within the team. Team training has grown in popularity in workplaces around the world as it is conducive to increasing employee well-being and success, thereby improving work ethic, communication, collaboration and job satisfaction resulting in increased productivity, productivity and corporate profits. Team coaching brings together a coach - the one who leads the process and a maximum of 15 people who want to find the path to shared success & benefits - and benefit & enjoy it at the same time.

Team coaching aims to achieve the following:

  • Joint victories - Achieving the best possible result (not compromise) in urgent issues (communication, collaboration, operation).
  • Promote 1 + 1 + 1 to be much more than 3 with the "multiplier effect of coaching".
  • Ensure that different points of view are heard.
  • Promote that the team is coordinated, well-informed and looks in the same direction.
  • Contribute to improved well-being, work sanctification and job satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Create a situation that encourages individuals to thrive in life & work.

Nobody can do everything, everyone can do something & together we can do a lot…


Health promotion - Health coaching

"Holistic health promotion - health coaching": An individual is followed up with coaching at all stages of the health promotion (depending on the path chosen). The purpose is to increase the commitment of those who want to take control of their health once and for all by providing the relevant education, support and restraint. As a result, the chances of lasting success in the lifestyle change process increase and that the person experiences better well-being and a better quality of life.


Stress counseling

Stress counseling for individuals involves analyzing the person's stressors and stress responses so that an individual stress prevention plan can be formulated for the future. The stress prevention plan takes into account the circumstances and personality of the person seeking the service and its goal is to identify optimal ways for the person to cope with the stress - overcoming the stress before the stress overcomes the individual with prevention education.

Stress counseling in the workplace focuses in particular on the development of prevention and education plans aimed at improving well-being & success in the workplace through a concerted effort and the awareness of managers & employees. Education is the best prevention against stress and discomfort of any kind. The first step is usually to start training for managers and employees. Later, more service elements can be added to the service, such as increased training and individual stress counseling for each employee.


Group work against stress

Group work against stress means that several individuals come together in a group weekly 8-10 times, 2 hours. at the same time with stress counselors from Heilsuvern. The goal of group work is self-empowerment and support for individuals to cope with stress and existence. The stress counselors Dr. Sveinbjörg Júlía Svavarsdóttir and Aldís Arna Tryggvadóttir, ICF certified coach, chair the meeting which is divided into education and conversation of participants.
In group work, mutual trust and confidentiality apply.


Advice AAT

  • Collaboration and communication consulting: Conclusion of co-operation and communication agreements in the workplace. Lack of information flow and unclear roles can be a major stressor in the workplace. A coordinated team with the same goals in mind achieves more results than otherwise. The counseling is intended to align the strings, sharpen the focus and promote effective communication and rewarding collaboration.
  • Leadership training & empowerment of managers & employees.
  • Corporate strategy with a definition of long-term and short-term goals, values and a vision related to prevention, education and health promotion in the workplace (can also be business policy).


Green rehabilitation

Rehabilitation that takes place in part or mostly in nature has a positive effect on the well-being and performance of individuals.

Health protection is in collaboration with ColdSpot, a health-related travel agency that specializes in stress-free travel where awareness, nature and love of neighbor are paramount. The trips are from half a day up to 14 days. Throughout the trip, the main focus is on physical, mental and social health. Physical health consists mainly of exercise, such as walking, cycling, horseback riding, swimming, dancing and yoga. Mental health consists mainly of education, motivational lectures (e. motivational speaking) and positive posts about life and existence that nurture the soul & self. Social health consists mainly of human cultivation and rewarding communication, games and togetherness. The goal is to leave a precious vegan nest in the minds & hearts of the participants.

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