Ólafur Þór Ævarsson

Dr. Med., Psychiatrist

Dr. Psychiatrist Ólafur Þór Ævarsson is the founder of Streituskólinn. He has worked in medicine and teaching at university psychiatric wards abroad and in Iceland. He studied medicine at the University of Iceland and received special education in psychiatry at Sahlgrenska Hospital and completed a doctorate from the medical faculty of Gothenburg University.

Ólafur Þór has taught and supervised for years and given lectures both in Iceland and abroad and has published academic articles in foreign scientific journals, written articles in Icelandic journals on mental disorders and mental health and prepared and translated teaching materials and brochures for professionals and the general public.

Ólafur Þór has long provided advice on health issues and advocated for education and prevention. He has been particularly interested in the importance of good mental health and mental health promotion, as well as the effects of stress and burnout on life and health.

Ólafur Þór works as a psychiatrist and consultant in the multidisciplinary team of Streituskólinn and Heilsuvern.


Lectures and education
  • Stress and burnout
  • Illness presence
  • Covid and Burn (Coping with Covid)
  • What app do you have in your brain
  • Prevention
  • Mental health
  • Three tips against stress
  • The stress card
  • Multiculturalism in the workplace


  • Health-promoting management
  • Changes and initiatives
  • New layout


  • Employee guidance
  • Guidance of human resources managers
  • Management guidance
  • Group guidance

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