Sveinbjörg Júlía Svavarsdóttir

Ph.D., social worker

Dr. Sveinbjörg Júlía completed a BA degree in social sciences and a degree in social work from the University of Iceland and a master's degree from the University of Gothenburg. She defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Iceland on 12 December 2014.

Júlía has worked in social counseling and teaching, for the longest time as a senior social worker at LSH's Psychiatry Department. Among other things, she is very interested in the upbringing conditions of children and the quality of life of those who have been diagnosed with mental illness, and places great emphasis on the overall view of the situation of individuals and families, their interaction with each other and in their environment. She is licensed by the Directorate of Health as a specialist in social counseling in the health sector.



Diagnosis and screening of problems according to accepted methods of social sciences before processing begins. Assist individuals, couples, families and groups in managing life on their own terms. Júlía encourages people to work on their issues and submits projects for processing, based on practical and ideologically proven data.


Psychosocial risk assessment - Stress measurements

Júlía performs a psychosocial risk assessment at companies and institutions according to Act on Hygiene in the Workplace on those aspects of the work environment that may potentially affect health and well-being at work. Particular attention is paid to stressors and communication and mental well-being.


Individual group therapy

Based on psychosocial methods with individuals who struggle with various and even different issues and has proven successful for many in order to reduce stress and / or its effects on daily life at home and away from home.


Couples therapy

The goal of the treatment is to reduce problems and improve communication and satisfaction. Problems can be related to unexpected events such as deaths, illness, accidents, disability, sexual problems and adaptability in relationships.


Family therapy / work

The aim of interviews / treatment is to reduce problems and improve integration, communication and satisfaction within the family. A kind of parenting advice. Problems can be related to alcohol and drug issues, bullying, work and friends. Problems can also be related to adoption, step-relationships, connections with the in-laws, etc.


Lectures, education and counseling and, as appropriate, teleconferencing equipment

  • Long live the first model
  • Improved lifestyle - away with stress - better health
  • Stress management
  • Individual and group guidance
  • Team spirit - Motivation
  • The power of change
  • Let's build on the past and the present and look to the future

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