Gift certificate - Detailed health examination and cardiac stress test

53.500 kr.

A gift certificate for a thorough health examination and cardiac stress test is an ideal gift for those you care about.

Regular health check-ups increase the likelihood that early-onset illness can be prevented.

Think about health - Because every day is valuable!


Gift certificate - Detailed health examination and cardiac stress test

Umfangsmikil og ítarleg heilsufarsskoðun í forvarnaskyni þar sem tekin er heilsufarssaga, gerð nákvæm líkamsskoðun, andleg líðan og áhrif streitu er metin og hjartaálagspróf framkvæmt (nema þegar frekar er mælt með öðrum hjartarannsóknum).



A detailed health history and detailed body examination are taken. Examples include cardiovascular disease, lung disease, upper respiratory and diabetic diseases, kidney disease, digestive disorders, musculoskeletal and nervous disorders. Mental well-being and stress are assessed and its impact on the person's health.

The views are tailored to the age ranges of individuals and include the following factors:

  • A thorough questionnaire on health and family history
  • Weight, height and body mass index (BMI)
  • Estimates fat percentage in the body (Fat percentage)
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Blood and urine examination for risk factors
  • Áhættumat fyrir krabbameini og tilvísun í frekari rannsóknir ef þörf er talin á því
  • Respiratory Measurement (Spirometry)
  • cardio
  • Hjartaálagspróf (nema þegar frekar er mælt með öðrum hjartarannsóknum).
  • General medical examination
  • Recommendations regarding results, diet and exercise as well as supplements.
Tímalengd: 45-70 mínútur.


When you buy a gift card - The process:
  1. click on Registration to activate an order and the gift certificate is placed in your cart.
    Note the gift certificate is valid for 1 year from date of purchase the.
  2. Payment information. Enter payer information.
    Enter the name of the person who is to be the holder of the gift card (participant).
    If you do not know the owner's email address, enter your email address.
    Under Your order click on Pay.
  3. Payment Page. Order Summary.
    Choose a payment method (credit card or Cashier) and fill in the payment form.
    click on Pay.
  4. The system sends a receipt for the purchase to the payer's email.
  5. The gift certificate is ready for delivery the next day (against receipt)
    Troublemaker 14, 2nd floor
    203 Kopavogur.
  6. The gift certificate holder records a time when it suits him at Health Protection phone 510 6500 or through


Note: The gift certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

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