Guidance for employees and managers

Specialized and professional services where work is done with the strengthening of managers, individuals or groups.

Prevention education is our motto, because every day is precious!


Guidance for employees and managers

Individuals are instructed and trained to apply professional methods, develop professionally and separate privacy from work. Support is provided for, among other things, the elaboration of emotional effects that difficulties and shocks can cause. The topics can also touch on communication and various practical challenges.


1. Supervision of employees

Three interviews with education about the effects of stress on communication and health and guidance on stress prevention and mental health promotion.

Private interview 45-60 min.


2. Guidance of human resources managers

Three interviews on the value of prevention and action plans and guidance on the major changes that have taken place in psychosocial occupational safety and health in recent months.

Private interview 45-60 min.


3. Management guidance

Interviews on stress and management and guidance on new standards in communication and values following the epidemic.

Private interview 45-60 min.


4. Group guidance

Guidance in a group where you work with difficult and complex tasks under stress. The group meets the supervisor 2-4 times a semester. The guidance includes confidential discussions about communication, stress prevention and provides information about the project itself, which can be a specific service or care. An example of this is a professional group that works together in a ward or in a condominium. Suitable for teachers, police and paramedics, healthcare professionals and all those who work with complex communication and great responsibility.

Group tutorial: 90 min.


The guidance is derived from;

Dr. Ólafur Þór Ævarsson, psychiatrist


We want to meet the needs of our customers and therefore tailor the service according to each individual's wishes.



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