Holistic health and proper nutrition

Lecture on holistic health and proper nutrition with Elísabeta Reynisdóttir, nutritionist at Heilsuvernd.


Holistic health and proper nutrition

Want to add quality to your life?

The lecture is intended for all those who want to achieve better health and well-being.



Nutrition and how we can improve the quality of life and thus all health will be discussed. A holistic approach such as physical, mental, social and cognitive well-being.


Elísabet Reynisdóttir, nutritionist


the next event will be announced later


Heilsugæslan Urðarhvarfi 14, 1st floor

203 Kopavogur


A refreshing and fun lecture where positivity and the policy of health are paramount!


Send us inquiry or send an email to hv@hv.is if you want more information about the lecture.

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