Heildræn ráðgjöf

Health Protection offers individual counseling with a holistic approach with Elizabeth Reynisdóttir nutritionist or Beta Reynis as she is commonly called.

Heildræn ráðgjöf

In the first period, the individual's history and reason for arrival are recorded, health - related problems are mapped and a request for a blood test is sent to a doctor, if necessary. The treatment is individualized and adapted to the needs of each individual. We work on the basis of the factors that are considered most urgent to work on and prioritize them according to importance.

Health-related problems and overweight will never be resolved with Beta solutions. A key factor is to take responsibility for one's own health and to work systematically with the factors that potentially hamper success, such as poor digestion, food intolerance and food addiction.

Our health consists in physical, mental and social well-being, as well as a good awareness of what nutrition is best for each one. In order to take a holistic approach to our health, it is necessary to examine all these interrelated factors, assess our strengths, and work on the better. Lasting results and better quality of life are much more likely when we learn to take responsibility for our own health and life.

Good education is the key to success.


Appointments with Heilsuvernd by phone 510 6500 or send an e-mail to hv@hv.is


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