Health inspection and counseling

A nurse takes a health history and makes health measurements focusing on cardiovascular disease. Personal advice.


Health inspection and counseling

Regular health check-ups increase the likelihood that serious illnesses can be prevented at an early stage.

A nurse takes a brief health history and performs measurements of the following health factors with special emphasis on cardiovascular disease:

  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Your total cholesterol
  • blood sugar
  • Height and weight and calculate body weight index
  • circumference Measurement
  • Nurse's advice

In an interview after the survey, general well-being and health, occupational and family-related risk factors, exercise, diet, rest and smoking are discussed.

If research results indicate that further processing is needed, appropriate recommendations are provided.


Duration: 15-20 minutes.


Call 510 6500 to schedule an appointment or send us an inquiry if you want more information. 



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