Comprehensive health review and lifestyle advice

Comprehensive health review and lifestyle counseling for those who want to take the stand on their own health and receive health through personal assistance and support.


Comprehensive health review and lifestyle advice

Want to change your lifestyle and take your own health to promote long-term success?

Lifestyle change can be a good first step in getting lifestyle advice. There is also the possibility of follow-up and reassessment by a nurse to help achieve the long-term success of the lifestyle change.

Each opinion is individual. The nurse reviews the health history and performs measurements on the following health factors:

  • Blood pressure
  • pulse
  • blood sugar
  • cholesterol
  • hemoglobin
  • height
  • weight
  • BMI
  • M / M ratio
  • Fat %
  • pulmonary function
  • Spiritual well-being
  • Exercise plan / Food plan
  • Goal Setting

The examination assesses both physical and mental well-being. The nurse provides personal advice, based on the results of measurements and health history, on what needs to be done to maintain and / or improve health.

Duration: 40 minutes.



14.900 kr.


Call 510 6500 to schedule an appointment or send us an inquiry if you want more information. 



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