Medical certificate for a positive Covid-19 test

2.000 kr.

Individuals who are diagnosed positively in the Molecule antibody test can obtain a medical certificate from the Health Protection Agency confirming that the person in question has antibodies against the Covid-19 virus.

To obtain a certificate, you must do the following:

1. Select Order in the window below.

2. Select number for the number of individuals ordered in the participant window.

3. Click Registration to confirm order and pay.


NOTE  - You will receive an email from Heilsuvern's web system when your payment for a medical certificate for a positive Covid-19 test has been received.

Please follow the recommendations in the email and your order will be processed.

You will receive an SMS message when your certificate is ready for delivery through Heilsuvera.

Contact us or call 510 6500 if you need more information.

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