Worship and joy of life

How do we go about igniting the spark of life and living for pleasure every day despite what has gone before? - how one can become one's own "Minister of Gleðimál".

An ideal remote lecture that leaves a vegan nest in people's minds & hearts but is at the same time "peppery". Sincerity, humor, education & animation.


Worship and joy of life

Light the spark of life

The aim is to give participants tools and equipment to be able to ignite the spark of life and live for pleasure every day, despite what has gone before. - how one can become one's own "Minister of Gleðimál".

Awe is one of the main research topics of humanities scholars today. But what is reverence and how can one increase the joy of life and live for pleasure every day in spite of all that has gone before?

The importance of wondering and being impressed in life will be discussed, but according to research, only a small proportion of people experience reverence in life. We travel inward and back in time when we were children and saw the world in a different light: Everything was remarkable and life was one great miracle. We were happy "just because" - we were free.

We will discuss the wonderful qualities that children have and show how they can be regained by connecting with the child within himself - the core.

Examples of questions that will be answered in the course:

  1. When was the last time you played?
  2. What is awe & does it matter?
  3. How do you light the spark of life?
  4. What is the difference between "just being" and living for pleasure?
  5. How can you be your own "Minister of Gladness"?
  6. What can children teach us about well-being, communication and self-confidence?
  7. What are the main effects of attitudes on our lives & well-being?
  8. How can you create a fun future and live happily ever after?

While we try to teach our children something about life, children actually teach us what life is really about… What is life about for you?

Sincerity, humor, education & animation.

A lecture that leaves a vegan impression in people's minds & hearts but is at the same time "peppery".



Aldís Arna Tryggvadóttir, ACC Certified Coach and Stress Counselor


Length of lecture

45 min


Note: The lecture is also available as a distance lecture through MS Teams


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