My life - my way

Distance learning courses for those who want to take responsibility for their own health in a constructive way.

It does not matter where you come from, but where you are going. Where are you going? This is your life - find your way!

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My life - my way

Holistic health promotion with health goal training and self-esteem as a guideline

Objectives of the course is to activate the inner wisdom and strength of the service recipient so that he / she can become his / her own coach in the rehabilitation process, ie. take a stronger part in shaping the rehabilitation path that suits, encourages and cheers the person.

Health coaching is a respected and popular methodology as it is considered effective in setting goals for holistic health promotion. Medical students at Harvard University, for example, are required to learn coaching so that they can use the methodology with their patients and thus possibly accelerate recovery. Coaching is rooted in reputable disciplines, all of which aim to promote the personal growth of individuals, such as positive psychology, HAM, policy-making, sports science, pedagogy, psychiatry, psychotherapy and NLP.

The ultimate goal of coaching is that individuals experience increased self-confidence, victory, harmony and thus a richer purpose, happiness in life and quality of life - because every day is precious.

The topics of the course are as follows:

  • Coaching and health coaching as disciplines and tools for empowerment
  • Holistic health promotion - goal setting for better physical, mental and social health
  • Self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-cultivation
  • Mapping the desired position for good health, happiness, balance, pride and quality of life
  • Successful rehabilitation: Setting realistic, constructive and fun goals
  • Support and encouragement in setting goals and following them up
  • To be your own personal trainer permanently and better write the next chapter in your own life story - take responsibility for your own health, life and well-being
  • Discussions: A common forum for wisdom & learning

It does not matter where you come from, but where you are going.

Where are you going? This is your life - find your way.


Course moderator

Aldís Arna Tryggvadóttir, ACC Certified Coach and Stress Counselor


6 times, taught 2 hours. at a time


Distance learning


Send us inquiry or send an email to if you want to register or get more information about the course.


NOTE that trade unions often provide grants for courses and preventive measures concerning the health and safety of their members, such as self-empowerment courses and management training / job-related coaching. Contact your union to check your rights.

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