CONFERENCE - The challenge: Less work. Improved health - increased results…

The conference is addressed to the human resources manager, organizational managers and parties involved in the administrative and health aspects of employees.

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The challenge: Less work

Improved health - increased results…

Health Protection, Attentus and the Psychologists


The conference will feature presentations focusing on the impact of long working hours on health, but stress and stress-related illnesses are becoming more common and burnout at work is a widespread problem. Organizational managers are therefore increasingly considering the health of their employees, looking for solutions to reduce stress and improve the well-being of employees.

With the introduction of new wage agreements, more emphasis is now being placed on flexibility and shortening the working week without wage cuts. The living wage agreement stipulates a 45-minute reduction in working hours per week from 1 January 2020. The implementation of the reduction is in the hands of each individual workplace.

By shortening working hours, it is possible to reduce the impact of long working hours on employees' health, promote a work-life balance and thereby increase the quality of life. These are managerial and challenging challenges that require the resourcefulness and competence of managers.

The tools and devices. What solutions and methods can be used for such an implementation? What do measurements and surveys mean when looking at sick leave, overtime, efficiency and results? What are the positive effects and what are the benefits of mental well-being and job satisfaction?

Limited number.


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