Job satisfaction, communication & collaboration

How do we contribute to better well-being, increased job satisfaction and job satisfaction in the workplace?

Lecture intended for organizational units and groups. Suitable for special meetings, lunch or other educational activities such as health week, educational days, conferences and the like.


Job satisfaction, communication & collaboration

Positive communication in the workplace affects the spirit of work, job satisfaction and well-being in the workplace.

The goal is to align the strings of management and employees and subsequently create a strong & cohesive team that feels good and goes well.

In longer courses (+1.5 hours), participants enter into a "communication and co-operation agreement" to promote lasting well-being, friendliness, respect and success in the workplace.

The importance of job satisfaction and good communication and co-operation in the workplace is discussed. It will be shown how to promote better well-being, increased job satisfaction and job satisfaction in the workplace, which in turn results in increased productivity, greater margins and joint victories of managers and employees (win-win).


Examples of questions that will be answered in the lecture:

1. What is communication and what are the different manifestations of communication?
2. What is the importance of communication, communication intelligence and emotional intelligence?
3. What is good communication?
4. What is "bad" communication?
5. How can communication skills be enhanced to achieve better results & respect in communication?
6. How to better understand how people want to be treated?
7. How can work ethic, job satisfaction and job dedication be improved?
8. Can I have fun at work?
9. Who is responsible for creating a good work ethic and how is it done?
10. What is a "co-operation and communication agreement" in the workplace?



Aldís Arna Tryggvadóttir, ACC Certified Coach and Stress Counselor


Lecture duration:

45 mín / 2,15 klst


Note: The lecture is also available as a distance lecture through MS Teams


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