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At Stoppustöðin, access is purchased to educational material for staff that they can listen to when it suits them and as often as they want / need.
The training covers communication, stress, burnout, pathological stress, time management, health, relaxation exercises and more.

The bus stop

It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to offer their employees training that they can access at their convenience.
At Stoppustöðin, access is purchased for staff to just over 2 hours of material (divided into shorter assignments).

The lectures focus on communication, stress / burnout / morbid stress, time management, health, relaxation exercises and shocks to social stressors such as earthquakes, avalanches and pandemics.
The material is then downloaded to the company's common database and employees can listen when it suits them and as often as they want / need.

The content is divided into sections:

  • Stress, burnout, pathological stress: it covers the differences in the situation, the employee's responsibility for their own stress, stress tolerance, encourages people to know their stressors, consequences as well as ways to solutions.
  • Power of food, rest and exercise: The importance of moderation and balance is discussed.
  • Time and energy management: Expectation management, the importance of setting realistic requirements and how energy can be spent instead of wasted.
  • Psychosocial support: Trauma help in times of societal stress, group dismissals, earthquakes, avalanches for example. People are given the means to overcome the storm.
  • The holiday: This is where the importance of getting people to spend their summer, Easter, winter and Christmas holidays comes into play. Research has shown that employees more often than not come to work restless and even more tired after a holiday.

In addition, there are activities that help people look inward as well as rest exercises that can be listened to and performed effortlessly.


Helga Hrönn Ólafsdóttir, human resources specialist and stress consultant


It is possible to buy unlimited access for 2 hours. material for company staff for 1 month or 1 year.


We want to meet the needs of our customers and therefore tailor lectures / seminars and schedules according to the needs of each individual.


Send us your inquiry at if you want to order or get more information about the training.

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