Streituskólinn – Vinnustofur

Specialized and professional services - workshops where work is done to strengthen managers, individuals or groups.

Prevention education is our motto, because every day is precious!


Streituskólinn – Vinnustofur

Fyrir starfsfólk og stjórnendur vinnustaða.


1. Health-promoting management

For managers and human resources managers.

Management style and communication. Necessary knowledge of managers on stress, communication, personifications, defenses and stress prevention.
180 min.


2. Changes and initiatives

For managers and human resources managers.

Change management, resistance and factionalism.
Solidarity and cooperation.

180 min.


3. New organization

For staff and management.

The new company, the changes, the merger and the new opportunities.
Communication, team spirit and solidarity.

180 min.


Workshop manager;

Dr. Ólafur Þór Ævarsson, psychiatrist


We want to meet the needs of our customers and therefore tailor the service according to each individual's wishes.



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