Perseverance is a challenge - don't burn out in life!

The Nordic Association of Quality Management and Health Protection will host a conference in Akureyri on March 13, 2020.

The conference is addressed to all those involved in human resources, management and employees of organizational units.


September 25, 2020 - Akureyri Cultural Society, Hof

Perseverance is a challenge - don't burn out in life!

We stop and prioritize health



Persistence against stress is a challenge for everyone. What can managers and workplaces do to prevent burnout? What can we do for ourselves?

The fact is that everyone can get lost!

More common is that we hear stories from colleagues or someone who has run out of business - landed on "job coolness", "breaks down" or "burns out". In addition, there is even more talk about Vital Exhaustion - a long-lasting condition, such as a cold at work, which causes people to become really depleted in life itself!

It is important to open the debate further on this issue because more often than not, people do not seek help until the body says "stop" and give up. There are examples of people collapsing "paralyzed" - completely depleted of the soul and body.

The conference will discuss work and private stress, measurement and other facts, symptoms and consequences of long-term stress, along with its worst manifestation of "life stress". There will be a special focus on prevention and rescue - tools and methods for resolving stress.

The goal is to prevent health problems and increase work and personal well-being.

This is our common challenge!

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Tickets for the conference will be sold on event page of Akureyri Cultural Society

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